We develop multiplayer copyright protected games for social networks such as Facebook, smart-phones, tablets and websites as well.

The first game we have developed and will be published soon, is a unique multiplayer game, a kind of roulette\bingo game for real money and\or Facebook virtual currency.

The new trend today on social network is casino and bingo games.

A few facts about online gaming market:

• Online gaming industry is a market of tens of billions of dollars a year, and
growing up rapidly every year.

• More and more players are joining social network every day and play.

• gaming companies value and profits rising up steadily and rapidly.

• Casino and Bingo games are very successful in most countries, various
websites, recently they are very successful on networks such as Facebook.

• There are tens of millions of players daily! Hundreds of millions of players
monthly! on Facebook only.

• 62% of adults are playing on social networks.

• 55% of online players are women compared with 45% of men.

• 41% of social network visitors are playing there.

• The average age of player is 39 years old.

• Players on social networks spend a few dollars to a few tens of dollars a
month with real money or Facebook virtual currency.

Unlike a roulette or bingo game everyone knows, in which the player plays alone against  the computer or a dealer, our game played by many players at the same time, played on the same board, everyone sees and chat with everyone.

There are a few leading companies plus a few tens of small companies on the market. In general it is a new market and young industry that developed very rapidly.

 At that time, when most investments suffer losses, the banks give you only about one percent per year! savings are in danger of loss, largest companies in trouble, the whole world situation is unclear, any investment in any place is dangerous, Actually  the online gaming industry, mainly on social network and smart-phones is a  worldwide market without borders, growing up rapidly every year, people have more leisure time and are looking for friends and thrills.


The target is all Facebook and smart-phones users. Hundreds of millions of players are playing each month on Facebook only, and the numbers keep growing. 62% of adults are playing on social networks. Average player's age is 39 years old. All online gaming and gambling industry move to be on social network such as Facebook.


There are a few leading companies plus a few tens of small companies. In general it is a new market and young industry that developed very rapidly.


It is a new unique multiplayer copyright protected game, a kind of roulette\bingo game for real money and\or Facebook virtual currency. It is great as a social network game such as for Facebook, ideal for smart-phones and websites as well.

Players could invite other players, create a group, combine to a group, even for a specific game and time, open chat etc.

A player or group could create its own game (private or public) with its own board, desired number of squares and cost, and more.

We could have many tens of thousands and more of players as "organizers" creating their own games, invite their friends and groups, getting a commission from us.

A Player could create even a game of 1000 squares or more, running a few days like as a small lottery, and still legal, *** etc.

(This option depends on us of course if we let them, in general, we always set the rules)


The game is unique and copyright protected, The game is very lively, very active in the eyes of all and very much  attractive.

Unlike any other casino games, the prize for the winner is the jackpot accumulated by the players participation fee, less our commission. If a game ends with no winner, the game resumes for another round  with the same players and so on, until there is a winner, therefore the players don't feel being deceived by the house, on the other hand, the house never lose, always takes it's commission from the winner. It's a Win – Win situation

For further info or any request you may contact us at:  thenextgame@outlook.com

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